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*Before creating your campaigns make sure you have saved templates in your Template Library

Click on “Hostspot WIFI” located on the blue column on the left. Click on “Campaigns” and then “my campaigns”.

On the top right corner, click on the “create campaign” button.

You will need to complete four steps to setup your campaign.

Step1: Setup basic information

Fill in the information for your WIFI Campaign, by naming your campaign and selecting a venue. Then click on “Next”.

Step2: Create history campaign

In History Campaign, click on “Fallback Portal”. Then click on “Change” to select  a template from your Template Library. Fallback Portal works as a Default Portal (it will appear to any user when no conditions apply).  In case you only want to use one template for any number of visits, only add this option. 


For more options:

Click on “Add new subportal” and then on the grey button “Fallback Subportal 1”. In this window you can add specific conditions depending on the user. Where it says “Yes” select an option, meaning this will only appear to the user in case the selected option applies to them. You can choose a template adequate to these conditions. (i.e. If you choose “Yes” by Country and Mexico, this means that this subportal will only appear to clients that come from Mexico or are using a mexican device. Which we suggest in this case, you use a template written in spanish)

Add as many subportals as you wish.

Adding more visits:

Click on Visit1, and follow the same instructions as you did for your subportals. Visit1 will be the portal that appears to first time log ins at your venue. The same applies for Visit2 (second time visitor) and so on.

If you don’t want to use any Visits except your Fallback Portal, make sure you remove them by clicking on the bin icon, in order to continue.

When you’ve finished adding your Visits and Subportals, click on “Next”

Step3: Visitors counting rules

Choose your visiting counting rules and then click on “Next”.

Step4: Review your campaign

Review your campaign settings and “Save” it.


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