Creating your WIFI portals

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Click on “Hostspot WIFI” on the left column and then click on “Templates”

Begin creating your templates by clicking “New Template” on the top right corner.

Once you name your template, you will be directed to our template editor. Before you begin to edit, make sure you have selected the adequate device for your portal on the top right corner to adjust the size.

You can create personalized templates by adding containers. To add, click on “Add container”, select the number of columns, the device, and then click on “Add”. (Containers allow you to interact directly with your users, either by promotion images, asking specific questions, or others)

Once you’ve added your containers, click on each one to add: text, surveys, images, Facebook login, among other (all these options will appear on the column on the right). Edit and play with all the container options, or remove them if necessary by clicking on the container you wish to remove and then the “Remove” button.

If you click on “Template Design” on the right, you can choose the background color of your template.

Once you’re done editing, click on “Save” at the bottom, and your template will be automatically saved to your Template Library.

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