Heat Maps and Zones

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Heat Maps

Click on “Hostspot Location” on the left column, and then click on “Heat Maps”.

Click on each tab on top of the map to establish the dates you want the heat map to display (year, month, day, hour).

On the left column you can select if you want the heat map to only show  clients, workers or all.

The icon on the left corner, allows you to choose if you want an indoor, street or satellite view.

To facilitate visual comprehension of your heat map, use your mouse to zoom-in or zoom-out with the + and – signs, or click and drag to move towards any direction.


Click on “Hostspot Location” and then click on “Zones”. On the top right corner select the venue you wish to see in detail. If you wish to add a zone, click on “New Zone”.  

For your new zone, select a Floor, name your Zone and click “Save”

Once you have all the zones you need, click on any one to analyze.

Below, you will see the areas you have delimited within your venue. For each one, click on Stats on the right to obtain the information.

On the top middle part of your page you can choose the dates you need. You may select different options of information you wish the graph to draw (Visits per day, Avg. time/visit, Total time per zone).

Under the graph, you can click on the different options to compare your results.

Also try dragging your mouse on top of the graph to obtain information.


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