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Please note: You need to be running HiveManager 6.4r1 or above in order to continue. Earlier versions are not supported.

Log in to your HiveManager web interface

Click on Configuration at the top and then on Guided Configuration on the left.

Under Choose Network Policy click New and configure with:

Click on Create to continue

Next to SSIDs click Choose. Click on New and configure with:

All other settings can be left at their defaults.
Click Save and then OK
Next, click on <Captive Web Portal> and choose New. Configure with:

Under Captive Web Portal Login Page Settings:

Under Captive Web Portal Success Page Settings:

Under Optional Advanced Configuration:

Under Walled Garden:

IMPORTANT: You will need to add the entries below one by one. Click on New, enter the domain and then click Apply. Repeat this until you have all domains in the list below.

If you wish to support social network logins, you also need to add the domains below for each network you plan to support:

Click Save
Next, click on <RADIUS Settings> and choose New. Configure with:

Under Add a New RADIUS Server configure with:

Click Apply to add, and then click on New to add another:

Click Apply again, and then click on Save

Under User Profile click on Add/Remove.

Select default-profile and click Save

Further down the page, beside Advanced Settings click Edit

Click on Service Settings and beside ALG Services click the Plus (+) icon Configure with:

Click on Save and then Save again at the top right. The screen should now look like:

Finally, click on Continue at the top right.

You are now asked which of your access points you wish to push the new settings to (typically all your access points). Select all that apply, and click Update > Update Devices

Click Update.

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