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This guide applies to the Solution for the version 9.4 or later. If the version is older than 9.4, please upgrade the firmware.
In order to use a Ruckus Wireless device as an access point, it is necessary for the router to be connected to the Internet.
All standalone Ruckus Wireless devices are currently supported.

Accessing the access point

The default IP address of the device is

In order to perform the first access it is recommended to attach your device to a PC having a local IP address in the same network as the AP (for example IP address:; netmask

To access the device, type the following URL on your browser:

After, you will be asked for username and password. The default credentials are:

Username: super
Password: sp-admin

Check firmware version

After you’re logged in, you will be redirected to the Status :: Device section. Here you can check the installed software version. If the version is older than 9.4, you must perform a software upgrade, since some of the features shown below are not available for previous versions.

Configuring general settings

By accessing the Configuration :: Device section is not where to change general settings for the device (for example: the name or the access credentials to access the Web UI). It is necessary to click Update Settings button to save data.

Configuring local subnets

By accessing the Configuration :: Local Subnets section you can set the access point network and the policies for the IP address assignment (such using DHCP server or not, and the IP addresses to assign to clients). It is necessary to click Update Settings button to save data

Configuring the access point

By accessing the Configuration :: Hotspot section it is possible to set the necessary parameters for the access point configuration (Welcome Portal URL, the RADIUS Server IP address, data to send to RADIUS server, web sites allowed etc.), The two Edit Settings buttons indicated by the arrows are relevant for our process configuration. It is necessary to click Update Settings button to save data.

By clicking the Edit Settings button for More Options, you can set particular attributes to send to the RADIUS server. For the proper functioning of the Solution, NAS ID must be not empty and must be unique for all the devices within the network. It is necessary to click Update Settings button to save data.

Parameters Solution

Redirect unauth user to:
Redirect to:
Primary Radius Server: (
Puertos: 1812, 1813
Secondary Radius Server: (
Puertos: 1812, 1813


Configuring the wireless network

On the other tabs of Configuration :: Wireless section, you can set all the networks to manage (each corresponding to an SSID). The example below shows a network called “HotSpotNetwork”, configured as an access point network and based on the access through Welcome Portal. The Local Subnet and the Hotspot Service are those configured previously. You must click the Update Settings button to save data.

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